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Our Published Patents

Below are some of our published patents, ranging from web based services to industrial processes.  This is just a selection of the many patents which we have had issued on behalf of our clients.

Hard Drive

US 8,238,173 to ZikBit

Using Storage Cells to Perform Computation

A very basic patent for doing Boolean mathematics in a memory array

Vodka Soda

US 8,920,860 to SodaStream

Soda Machine Pronged Clamp


Improved version of a soda machine

Metal Tubes

WO 2018/029683 to RodRadar

Wire and Pylon Classification based on Trajectory Tracking.
All claims allowed by the PCT Examiner

US 11,593,638 to Yeda and New York University

System and Method for Orienting Capture of Ultrasound Images 

Hard Disk

US 10,922,169 to GSI Technology

Error Detecting Memory Device

EP 3 251 171 B1 to 

Radio Frequency Antenna

For use in ground-penetrating radar

Green Pastures

US 10,718,603 to 
Six Degrees Space

Method and Apparatus for Indoor Positioning

Web Design

US 10,691,873 to

System and Method for the Creation and Use of Visually-Diverse and High-Quality Dynamic Layouts

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