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Lectures, Mini Courses & Workshops

Learn in depth about the world of patents


The Pitfalls of Patenting

An overview of the patent world via the lens of the various mistakes inventors make. Drawn from the mini-lectures Heidi has been giving to inventors over the years.

School LIbrary

How to Read a Patent

A short lecture introducing the patent document and giving tips on how to read one quickly, depending on what issue (patentability, infringement, due diligence) you need to solve

Several Open Books

Is Software Patentable after Alice?

A review of the issues with patenting software, along with solutions. Check it out at

Modern Office

Finding Inventiveness in Products and their Apps

                A look at mobile apps and patentability. Check out our blog article


Patents are for Marketing

                A discussion of the other uses of patents

School LIbrary

Registering Patent Ownership

                The issues involved and the errors clients make when handling patent ownership

Several Open Books

Common Investor Pitfalls with IP and how to avoid them

A look at the IP due diligence process and the pitfalls that investors fall into. Check out

Modern Office

Legal Pitfalls from Patents

An overview of the patent world from the legal department's point of view

Courses & Workshops

For a more in-depth analysis of patent law and procedure


Practical patents

A 3 hour course on improving the communication between inventors and patent attorneys with sections on how to read patents, how to write patents and how to determine inventiveness

The legal life of a startup

A course that will go through the life of a startup from the view of the legal actions a startup should take at each milestone.

A version of this is here:

School LIbrary
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