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Heidi Brun Associates

Heidi Brun Associates (HBA) is a boutique patent firm, specializing in the preparation and prosecution of high quality patents and designs.

Our main fields are the hi-tech (including software, hardware, electronics, semiconductors and communications), mathematics and mechanical fields, although we have also successfully obtained patents and designs for our clients in other disciplines.


Our aim is to make the process as streamlined as possible, ironing out any difficulties, whether technical or procedural, throughout the journey from the initial idea to the issued patent.

Our Awards

We are proud that Heidi was chosen in 2017, 2019 and once again in 2021 as the exclusive Winner of the Client Choice Awards in the category of Intellectual Property - Patents for Israel.

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Our Services

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Patent applications are usually handled by one patent attorney or patent agent. Not so at HBA. We find that the old adage "Two heads are better than one" is true for the patent world as well. So we brainstorm with each other while we write - patent applications or responses to Office Actions as well as for IP strategy.

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Lectures and Workshops


Our Managing Partner, Heidi, imparts her expertise through her blog, lectures, conferences and workshops.

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Patentability Searches

Let Heidi Brun Associates Ltd. be the solution for your patentability search needs. Once we understand your invention, we prepare a broad description of it for our searchers. Within a few weeks, we have the search result for your review.

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Patent Portfolio Management

Got a patent portfolio that is hard to handle? Heidi Brun Associates (HBA) can help. We look at issues that affect the entire portfolio, rather than on a case-by-case basis, and we make it easy for you to see your portfolio, through our web-based portal.

We also excel at technical and administrative problem solving so that your portfolio runs smoothly.

Is your portfolio costing you more than expected? We will also help you budget by providing an analysis of past, present and future (expected) projects.


Patent Preparation and Prosecution

At HBA, we know how to explain your idea, sometimes better than you do. 
You tell us your invention and we will create a drawing that shows how inventive it is. That drawing will be the basis of the patent application and of the claims.
HBA uses a PowerPoint based invention disclosure form which helps organize inventor’s thoughts.

Once you are comfortable with the invention disclosure, we will draft the full application.

Once it has been filed, we will handle the examination process.

What Else Makes HBA Special?



A personal touch – we keep a portfolio view to all of your work. This includes:

  •  Prosecution with a cross-jurisdictional view

  • Legal work with patents at the core

  • Employment issues

  • Reviewing contracts with an eye to their effect on your patents

  • Tax issues

  • Trademarks, designs and copyrights that arise with respect to your products being patented

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